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Terms And Conditions

Ownership of our business is owned and operated by Hafnia Trading ApS, Applebys Plads 7, 1411 København K, Danmark (CVR: 39653699).


By submitting an order to buy an offered cryptocurrency, you give us the power to buy such on your behalf. 
You accept that we will calculate a quote for you, by the time we accept your payment and have completed your order, and the resulting amount of cryptocurrencies is therefore not guaranteed upon order initiation. 
By submitting an order to sell one of our accepted cryptocurrency, you give us the power to sell such on your behalf. You accept that we will calculate a quote for you, by the time we receive your transaction, to the payment address specified, and that the resulting FIAT amount is therefore not guaranteed upon order initiation. For Bitcoin and Ether transfers, we will quote your order at 0-confirmations, while only initiate payout after 6-confirmations for Bitcoin and 30-confirmations for Ether. For larger amounts, we may delay quotation at our discression.
We guarantee that all orders will be completed within 12 hours of us receiving your payment, conditioned upon all ID and KYC/AML procedures being adhered to, as stated in our KYC/AML paragraph. For sell orders, you further accept, that if an order is rejected or cancelled after you have send us any cryptocurrency funds, then since the exchange happens at 0-confirmations, you will only be entitled to the resulting FIAT amount and NOT any specific cryptocurrency amount. Our compliance and support team will then help you find a solution to either get funds payout in FIAT or to exchange your due amount back into cryptocurrecies, where you might incur additional fees. 
A purchase is considered completed when we have made a cryoptocurrency transaction to the cryptocurrency address stated by you at the time of order initiation. A sale is considered completed once we have instructed our bank, PSP, payment or wallet provider, to perform a transfer of your proceeds to the destination you stated during order initiation. 


The stated price for any order is to be considered not binding, and you agree that the price stated is an estimate price. The final price is subject to the market price at the time of order completion or in case of a sell order, at the time we receive or process your transaction. 
It is your responsibility to show proper caution at times of high volatility. 
Our reference price can be found at under the tab xbt/eur or eth/eur and measured as the Bid or Ask price shown in the order book for a depth not smaller than 25 BTC. 
All prices are calculated in EUR, and all other currencies (FIAT) will therefore be converted into EUR at prices and rates at our discretion.


By submitting an order to buy or sell a cryptocurrency, you accept that we charge a commission as clearly stated at the time of your order initiation. 
This commission is deducted from the amount of FIAT or cryptocurrency transferred to us.

Rights of withdrawal

There is no right of withdrawal on any orders completed on, as we cannot revert a completed transaction. We, however, strive to not execute an order, if you as the customer choose to cancel. If you choose to cancel/withdraw an order, please contact us as fast as possible at We do not give any guarantees, that we will be able to stop an order after payment is made, but we will do our best.


Hafnia Trading ApS actively works to prevent money laundering, terror financing and any other illicit activity as well as to practice good Customer Due Dilligence processes. 
We reserve the rights to demand further identification from you as a customer, contact you by phone or by any other means obtain data about you as a customer. You can read more on how we store and process your data and your rights in our Privacy Policy.
Information could be derived from public sources, before a transaction is approved. 
We reserve the right to cancel an order, withhold funds and report any customers to the relevant authorities, if we believe there is a significant risk of our services being used for illicit activities in accordance with our internal rules and regulations. 
Our KYC/AML policy is confidential and not disclosed to the public.


We take no responsibility for loss that you as a customer must suffer, for any order carried out within the specified timeframe. 
If the final rate is important to you, we recommend that you find another place to trade, where real-time trade is possible. 
After your purchase of any cryptocurrency, it is your full responsibility to keep your cryptocurrencies safe, since we do not offer you as a customer a wallet or account.
We do not take any responsibility for the loss of your cryptocurrencies or for the loss of your private key. 
Any recommendation of wallet software is done on a voluntary basis, and you as a customer assume the full responsibility that the software you use to store your cryptocurrencies is safe, well backed up and in general good working conditions. 
We do not take any responsibility for a potential decline any cryptocurrencies value. 
We do not take any responsibility for tax claims or other claims that could be directed at you as a customer as a result of your purchase or sale activity. Any answers given at our site in relation to taxation or legality, is not to be considered legal advice, but only to serve as general guidance. 
It is your full responsibility to adhere to and keep yourself updated on existing as well as new rules and regulations and to assume all legal risks (if any) of your local jurisdiction, in relation to your purchase and sale activity.


The laws of Denmark shall apply to all of Hafnia Trading ApS’s activities.

Hafnia Trading ApS

Applebys Plads 7

DK - 1411 Copenhagen K

CVR no.: DK-39653699